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Te matawhānui mō te pokapū tāone taurikura

Vision for a prosperous city centre

What we aim to achieve 

  • A city centre that enables business and urban development.
  • An urban environment that is attractive to talent and competitive, delivering a globally-competitive quality of life within a flourishing economy.

Vision of the masterplan 

  • Auckland city centre continues to strengthen its position as the heart of the New Zealand economy.
  • Streets and public spaces that support connectivity, job density and quality of life.
  • Continuing development of new employment clusters in Wynyard Quarter, Britomart, downtown and the wider city centre.
  • Albert Street emerging as a major commercial office spine associated with City Rail Link (CRL).
  • Significant increases in investment and business enterprise by mana whenua and matāwaka.
  • Visible Māori economy through products, service offerings and employment.
  • A growing night-time economy that supports the needs of the whole city centre community.
  • Continued operation of the Ports of Auckland from its current location for at least another 25 to 30 years.

Using our streets efficiently 

Streets allow access for people and goods. They are also the main type of public space in the city centre. With more economic activity taking place in the city centre, in an increasingly 24-hour environment, our streets will need to work harder.

Over the past decade, enhancements to streetscape, shared spaces and public spaces have brought life to the city centre. There is a growing body of evidence that people react positively to an Auckland street environment that feels attractive, clean and safe.

Throughout Auckland’s city centre, the CCMP contains visions of streets that achieve these aims and work better for businesses.

In many cases, these changes could be piloted and/or delivered via temporary or pop-up interventions as part of the CRL transition plan and in support of Access for Everyone (A4E).