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He pēhea te hono atu o ngā whāinga o te pokapū tāone e wātea ana, e tuwhera ana hoki ki te tokamaha, ki ētahi atu o ngā mahere me ngā kaupapa

How the Accessible and inclusive city centre outcome relates to other plans and initiatives

About the strategic context of this outcome 

The Auckland Plan 2050

The Auckland Plan – Belonging and Participation outcome specifies that: "All Aucklanders will be part of and contribute to society, access opportunities, and have the chance to develop to their full potential."

This equally applies to the city centre. 

Auckland Design Manual 

A universal design approach recognises human diversity and designs for life scenarios, such as pregnancy, childhood, injury, disability, old age and non-English speakers. 

The intended outcome is a city centre that boasts a public transport network, buildings, spaces and places that reflect Auckland’s diversity and can be used and enjoyed by everyone. 

See the Auckland Design Manual for more information. 

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