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Ngā wāhi tauwhiro taiao o nāianei, o anamata hoki i te pokapū tāone

Current and future green spaces in the city centre

Our existing green spaces

About 35ha of the city centre area is currently dedicated to formally designated open space.

Large green spaces in the city centre

The largest green spaces within the city centre are Victoria Park, Albert Park and Myers Park. These provide space for sport, recreation and relaxation.

Symonds Street cemetery provides important environmental and ecological functions.

Large green spaces on the city fringe

There are several large green parks that sit just beyond the boundary of the city centre, most notably Auckland Domain.

Better connections from the city centre to its surroundings will enable these spaces to play a greater role in access to green spaces from within the city.

Smaller green spaces

The value of green spaces is not limited to large parks. Different spaces all contribute to the greening of the city centre:

  • The urban street network.
  • Smaller squares.
  • Plazas.
  • Pocket parks.
  • The growing network of waterfront promenades.
  • The harbour's edge public spaces.
  • Green walls and roofs.

Future green spaces 

Future large green spaces 

The opportunities for creating additional large green spaces within the city centre are limited.

The proposed headland park on Wynyard Point is the exception to this. It represents an opportunity to add a new green space to the city's waterfront. At approximately 4.3ha in size, it will function as a regional park for the city centre.

Future small green spaces 

Future projects will increase people's access to green space in the city centre and connect existing open spaces.

In addition to green parks and public spaces, increasing green space requires more trees and surface greening of lower level planting within city centre streets.

Urban farms and community compost hubs bring living biodiversity into the city centre, allow local circular flow systems of waste streams, and offer local food security.

Future small green spaces can also be created as part of new development opportunities.

The Victoria Street linear park 

Victoria Street linear park is the most significant street greening project envisaged by the CCMP. It will reallocate part of the carriageway to widen the public space available for greenery.

Symbolically and physically linking Victoria and Albert parks together, the linear park will contribute to the greening of the dense and heavily used midtown area.

This is currently an area poorly served by the city’s major green spaces.

Daldy Street linear park 

The Daldy Street linear park will link Victoria Park and the fast-developing Wynyard Quarter, including the future headland park.

Greener streets 

Many streetscape projects provide an opportunity to increase the amount of green space with trees and planting.

Examples include:

  • Quay Street
  • Queen Street
  • Wellesley Street
  • Karangahape Road
  • Nelson Street
  • Albert Street
  • Customs Street.

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