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Ngā anga matua mō te pokapū tāone

Key cultural infrastructure for the city centre

Whare Tāpere

A Whare Tāpere is traditionally a community house that facilitates a wide selection of entertainment forms.

They were a focal point of community enjoyment and entertainment which included dance, music and storytelling.

What a Whare Tāpere can deliver

The opportunity exists to deliver a modern Whare Tāpere to accommodate and deliver an endless range of entertainment opportunities.

This would be located in the south eastern corner of Aotea Square, in the heart of Tāmaki Makaurau performance precinct.

Papa Kōkiri

A Papa Kōkiri is literally a platform for gathering and facilitating positive engagement between groups of people.

Korowai korero

This is a thematic overlay across the city centre and waterfront and up to Karangahape Road.

This would bring a strong Māori presence through multiple projects, laying a theme across the area, including te reo Māori (spoken, heard, seen and electronic).

Māori names for spaces, features and developments

A new cultural landscape is being developed through the creation of new names for spaces, features and developments that sit alongside the traditional place names held by mana whenua.

Developments acknowledge their locations within this cultural landscape, delivered through the application of Māori design principles and with the support of mana whenua and Auckland Council.

Te reo Māori - part of our daily life

Recognising the taonga status of our primary language, te reo Māori is fully integrated into the city centre and waterfront.

Te reo Māori is accessible to all as part of day to day life, and there is a wide range of opportunities hard wired into the urban fabric for residents and visitors alike to experience and participate in kōrero Māori.

Te reo Maori will be visible through the city centre through bilingual signage and dual naming, consistent with Te Kete Rukuruku.

Tāmaki Makaurau design approach

A Tāmaki Makaurau design approach founded on the recognition of natural, human and cultural ecologies continuing to deliver unique architectural and environmental responses which are recognised internationally.

Apply Te Aranga principles

The Te Aranga Māori Design Principles are a set of outcome-based principles founded on intrinsic Māori cultural values and designed to provide practical guidance for enhancing outcomes for the design environment.

The principles have arisen from a widely held desire to enhance mana whenua presence, visibility and participation in the design of the physical realm.

Improve environmental health and management

Environmental health indicators continue to improve and consistently place Tāmaki Makaurau amongst the top global performing cities.

The city benefits from the mātauranga Māori environmental management model developed and championed by mana whenua and Auckland Council.

As empowered and resourced kaitiaki, mana whenua and Māori organisations lead other stakeholders in ensuring our natural environment continues to flourish and can respond to the challenges of an intensive city life and function.

Grow Māori enterprise

The Māori enterprise, innovation and investment footprint continues to grow high-value speciality businesses.

Māori are significant investors in the city centre and waterfront.

Māori, private and public development sectors have all collaborated and contributed to delivering on this kaupapa. They are encouraged and supported by local government and mana whenua.

Māori business offerings and experiences have built up organically around this cultural infrastructure to offer unique and authentic experiences of Tāmaki Makaurau.

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