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Te matawhānui mō te pokapū tāone whai tuku ihotanga

Vision for heritage defined city centre

Our vision is for a city centre that actively recognises and celebrates Auckland’s historic heritage as a driver of positive change and place-making.

What we aim to achieve 

We want to:

  • increase understanding, protection and celebration of our heritage values, buildings, places, streetscapes and stories
  • promote active stewardship of and investment in our heritage places and streetscapes
  • support new development and re-development that recognises, responds to and enhances our heritage and special character values
  • create public realm, street and open space upgrades that are informed by and enhance our heritage and special character values
  • identify and celebrate significant places that demonstrate the breadth of Auckland’s history and represent all of Auckland’s people and cultures
  • ensure that new and re-development respects and enhances the rich character and heritage context of the city.

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