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He aha tēnei mea te pokapū tāone whai tuku ihotanga?

What is a heritage defined city centre?

What makes a heritage defined city centre 

A heritage-defined city values its unique and valuable heritage and special character, viewing it as an opportunity to understand the past and to shape the future.

A high-quality urban environment depends on how we appropriately manage and invest in our heritage and special character values, places, and features.

A sense of continuity and connection to our past 

Our historic heritage is all around us. It surrounds us in our stories and our places. It gives the city centre its rich texture, its cultural identity, a sense of continuity, a connection to the past and a strong basis from which to develop and grow.

In addition, our heritage, values, places and areas:

  • make our city centre uniquely ours
  • explain who we are and where we have come from
  • reveal the breadth of history of Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland, particularly the Māori history and mana whenua places of significance
  • make our city an attractive place to live, work, play, and visit.

Celebration of our stories 

We plan to encourage development and public realm upgrades to reveal the stories of the city and to reflect and celebrate them in our streets, public and open spaces.

All Aucklanders need to be encouraged to care for the heritage of our city to ensure it is better understood, protected and conserved. This will mean it can be enjoyed and celebrated by future generations.

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